Lehigh Acres Aikido

$99 Special Offer

Aikido Special Offer - $99 includes everything you need to get started and your first months tuition!  Quality Aikido Uniform, Bokken, Membership in the USA Aikido Association & the Chudokai Aikido Federation International, Student Manual and 1 month of classes.  *Only valid for new memberships, does not include Saturday classes.

Lehigh Acres Aikido School (Meishinkan Dojo)

Aikido is a very traditional Japanese Martial Art that stresses harmony of the mind and body. Aikido incorporates joint locking and nerve control techniques together with dynamic throwing techniques to control and subdue an opponent.
Aikido finds its roots in the Samurai fighting arts of feudal Japan. Aikido is the most popular Martial Art taught for police and other defensive tactics programs.

Aikido training includes three traditional weapons: the jo (4 foot staff), the bokken (wooden sword) and the tanto (knife). The skills learned through weapons practice - timing and distance, dynamic movement, focus, intensity and energy extension, etc. - are invaluable to empty-hand technique.

Lehigh Aikido is a member of the USA Martial Arts Florida group of schools.

239-303-3656 (DOJO)
1111 Homestead Rd. N #25
Lehigh Acres, FL  33936

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